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About Camp

The objectives and tasks of the basketball camp “Basketball Story”

  1. Acquiring new basketball knowledge and skills through training and competitive process (theoretical and practical).
  2. Development of general psycho motor skills of young players.
  3. System educational work on motivating young campers for dealing with basketball and sports in general.
  4. Socialization through socializing with campers of different ages and genders, from different countries and improving the general culture.
  5. Creating access to personal basketball potential through comparison with campers from other clubs, cities and countries.
  6. Improving language communication in Serbian and English language, especially related to basketball, as well as other world languages.
  7. Effects on maintenance and improvement of the general health of the young campers in a healthy natural environment.
  8. Forming a sense of a healthy lifestyle through sports activities in a perfect setting.

Dates of the camp:

  • First shift from July 07 to July 30, 2020
  • Second shifts from July 30 to August 06, 2020
  • Both shifts from July 07 to August 06, 2020


  • 100 people per shift
  •  7 nights / 8 days


  • Hotel “Braca Sekulic” on Zlatibor
  • Courts are etched hotel
  • 1 open field and 1 indoor court
  • One court – two coaches


  • The price includes insurance
  • The doctor and physiotherapist are available 24 hours a day
  • Call for details

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